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Summary of „Neighbours“

Tim Winston’s short story „Neighbours“ is about a young couple who moved into a new neighbourhood, where many immigrants live. At first the young couple have prejudices against the neighbourhood, but later they know it better.

The names of the young couple are not named in the text. They lived in expansive outer suburbs before they came to this place. The young man is working on a thesis of the development of the twentieth century novel and his wife is working in a hospital. He and his wife don’t talk to anyone at first.

In the autumn, while they are working in their garden to plant vegetable, they came into a talk with a woman from the neighbourhood and she gave them a bagful of garlic cloves. After this event they talk to other neighbours, too. And slowly the young couple see that their neighbours are not as bad as they thought. When their selfmade henhouse fall down, the polish widower came through the fence and he repaired the henhouse for them. He was not invited. And if the young woman became pregnant in the spring, unplanned, all neighbours are very friendly to the young couple, they give them lots of gifts for the baby and offers their help. Directly after the baby, a boy, was born, the macedonian family come to them to help and it’s said that the twentieth century novel had not prepaired him for this.

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