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Libya rebel leaders give ultimatum to Gaddafi fighters

The text „Libya rebel leaders give ultimatum to Gaddafi fighters“ is reporting about, that the rebels in Libya are standing before Sirte, the hometown of Gaddafi. And they request him to surrend.

After the announcement that says that Gaddafis wife, his daughter and two sons was fleeing to Algeria, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, the leader of the rebels and the rebels, issue a ultimatum to Col Muammar Gaddafi and his supporters. The fact that Algeria gather Gaddafis family, calling the rebels an „act of aggression“. Jalil said if there won’t be an peaceful solution until saturday, they will fix this problem in a military way. „We do not wish to do so but we cannot wait longer,“ Jalil said.

Battle fears

Last week the rebels were not far away from Sirte, but they were fought back by loyalists of the old regime.

While they have had some success with the tribal leaders there has been little response from regime loyalists, says our correspondent, and there are fears that a military assault on Sirte could be a lengthy and bloody battle. from BBC-News.

Furthermore Algeria said that Gaddafis wife Safia, his daughter Aisha and two of his sons Muhammad and Hannibal crossed the border beetween Libya and Algeria. The National Transitional Council describe this as an „act of aggression against the Libyan people and against the wishes of the Libyan people“.

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