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Characterization of the young couple

The young couple from the short story „Neighbours“, written by Tim Winton, come from an expansive outer suburbs to the new neighbourhood. No one knows the names and their looking isn’t described. The man is a very hardworking person, because he is working on his thesis of the twentieth century novel. His wife or girlfriend works in a hospital.

At first the young couple is very peculiar and they don’t talk to anyone and they don’t want to talk to anyone. because the people are very loud and they seem to be a little weird (p.6, l.14-18). Furthermore they have prejudices on their neighbours.

But later the young couple realize that these prejudices aren’t very good reasoned. They notice that their neighbours are very friendly, so the young couple become very friendly, too (p.7, l.7-13).

In the process of the story, the young couple is changing from a biased couple to a tolerant couple that is in a friendship with the neighbourhood (~last page).

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