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Film review „Long walk home“

The film „Long walk home“ by Phillip Noyce was made in 2002 and it tells the story of three girls, who flee from a camp for educating aboriginal or half aboriginal children.

The film is based on real experiences from Molly Craig. In her childhood she was kidnapped and taken to such a camp, just like her mother. From 1910 to 1970, about 100000 children were kidnapped in Australia. This generation is called the „stolen generation“.

The two sisters Molly and Daisy Craig are half aboriginal children. Their mother is aboriginal and their fathers are white. They live in Jigalong. In 1931 the two girls and their cousine Gracie get kidnapped and they are brought to  the education camp. But a short time after their arriving, they flee from the camp. On their way home they follow the „rabbit-proof-fence“ and they meet a lot of persons, some evil and some good ones. Furthermore a tracker from the camp follows the girls to bring them back to the camp.

In my opinion the movie gives away some potential, because I think the basic idea of the story is interesting, but in the movie is this a bit boring and lenghty implemented. To me it sseemd that at the most time of the film, you only see three girls walking through a desert and this is not very exciting.


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