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British Muslims against homosexuals

Three muslim men were take to prison on the 20.1.12. The reason: In the surrounding of their mosque, they distributed flyers, on which different pictures  with antihomosexuals statements, partially verses from the Coran, were shown. For example on one picture was a woodpuppet, which hang on a rope and below the picture a writing where the death penalty is mensioned as the only „solution“ against homsexuality. With these flyers they wanted to call attention on a demonstration against a gay-parade in the neighbourhood.

The prosecution saw the flyers as dangerous. The culprits said, that they didn’t want to hurt anybody, but they just said their own, religious opinion to homosexuality. Kabir Ahmed said, that he sees it as a duty to clarify his fellow men about sins. The police and gay-agents celebrate the sentence und call the people to bay more like this cases.

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