Topic: Right-wing extremism and hooligans in England

Research question: What should the government and the footballclubleaders do against right-wing extremism in football stadiums?



Topic: Right-wing extremism and hooligans in England

Motivation: I’m very interested in football and everything that has to do with it. Furthermore racial and right-wing extremist groups, especially in connection with hooligans, are quite interesting, too. And I chose England, because the hooliganscrene is very spread there.

State of research: I looked up some websites with my topic and I found an article about it in the newspaper.

Questioning: What should the government and the footballclubleaders do against right-wing extremism in football stadiums?

Methodological approach: I think because the topic is very current, I will find lots of information on the web and the newspaper or sport/footballmagazines. But I think I’ll find a good book or something like this, about this topic,             too.

Timetable: http://donathabi2013sf.wordpress.com/timeline-fa/

Problems: A problem could be that something will happen, which has to do with my topic, which is very important. For example the UEFA or the British government will issue a law concerning hooligans. And then I have to work it in my Facharbeit and if I’m out of luck, it will happen some days before we have to hand in the Facharbeit.




2 What is hooliganism

2.1 Origin

2.2 Today’s hooligans

3 Known hooligan firms

3.1 Only in London

3.2 Some other hooligan firms

4 Right-wing extremism

4.1 Right-wing extremism in football stadiums

4.2 Rightists and hooligans

5 Counter-measures

5.1 Police

5.2 Football clubs

5.3 Government

6 Alcohol

7 What has to be done?

7.1 Result



wrote about the basic information about hooligans.



continue with writing especially about people who are involved in the hooligan scene



wrote about right-wing extremism found an article from an ex member of an right-wing extremist group



went deeper on the racist aspect of my Facharbeit



finished with the main text



went through the text, correct some things, printed it out and finally finished it 😀





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